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Hummus and Chips
Fattush Salad 2
Pistachios and walnuts Baklava
Gyro Barito
Pistachio and walnuts Baklava
Saj Chicken
Hummus as appetizer dip
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Who We Are

How It All Began

Sweet Zoey is a Sweets Shop founded in 2018. Our products are made of the highest-quality ingredients, and we guarantee to only serve you with the freshest products available in Casper. Our prices are flexible and our yummy foodies will surely make you come back for more! Want to know more about our products, services and team members? Get in touch with us today !


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Mon - Fri: 11:00 am - 7:30 pm 
Sat : 11am - 2pm




4360 South Poplar Street, Casper WY 82601

Sunrise Shopping Center



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Gyro Barito

Pistachio and walnuts Baklava